Basilic Spire

The Basilic Spire is home to the government of the city of Abydion. The entire district is contained within a single Itiril structure. The lower portion of the structure has an equilateral triangular footprint, approximately 1.2km per side, for a total area of approximately 1.25 square km, and standing 18m above the ground level of the Fifth City. From this base, a central tower rises an additional 59m (77m total), topped with an 18m diameter sphere and a 4m spike. The sphere serves as living quarters and private work space for the Archon Basileus.

The outer edges of the structure are lined with decorative false buttresses every 135m, eight per side plus one on each corner, with additional grand buttresses on the faces of the central tower. These buttresses are styled as clusters of braided cords. Ceilings are high throughout the spire, amounting to one floor for every 6m of height.

District Locations

Name Description Location
  • (Architect)
  • (Bailiff’s office)
  • (Council hall)
  • (Government office)
  • (Government office)
  • (Guildhall)
  • (House)
  • (Judge’s home)
  • (Mansion)
  • (Mansion)
  • (Monument)
  • (Prison)

Major Streets: Lilac Street, Sparrow Lane
Minor Streets: Tourmaline Way, Pine Lane, Iris Row, Aster Street


Organizations based in the Spire have Medium (30%), High (50%), or Very High (20%) status.

Organization Status Profession Religion
Basilic Guard High Warrior Dijala

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Conceal, Customs, Deceit, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower

Professional Skills: Art (any), Courtesy, Craft (any), Language (any), Literacy (any), Lore (any), Musicianship

Combat Styles:

  • Spire Militia (shortsword, dagger, heavy shield; shield wall)
  • Spire Reserve Archer (shortbow, light crossbow, dagger; ranged marksman)
  • Self-Defense (unarmed, knife; mancatcher)


  • Oath to Guild
  • Love (friend, sibling, or romantic lover)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class)

Basilic Spire

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