Yellow Husk

The Yellow Husk is a leatherwork and tanning guild based in the Gorge. Their main business is conducted through the Golden River on Gold Row, which offers basic worked leather and chitin products. They also run smuggling operations along the river Alph and the swamps underlying the city, which can prove somewhat more lucrative – especially in times of siege.

Common Professions: Alchemist (Tanning), Crafter (Leatherwork, Chitin Work), Merchant (Smuggler; replace Ride skill with Conceal)

Skills: Commerce, Conceal, Craft (Leatherwork, Chitin Work), Customs, Influence, Insight, Streetwise

Magic: Alarm, Appraise, Dry, Perfume, Preserve

Status: Very Low
Wealth: 10
Religion: Gajo-Eyia, Sisterhood of the Scales (public); Alph, Masters of the Hidden Current (private, smugglers)

Organization Location Notes

Guild Asset: Smuggler ties
Guild Contacts:

  • Minor Lay Priest Magician-tutor
  • Major Veteran Underworld delver
  • Minor Fence of illicit goods or criminal fixer

Yellow Husk

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