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The Age of Man began nearly six millennia ago, when mankind came together and expelled Those Who Walk Among the Stars from our world. It was also the time of the First Founding of Abydion, built upon the ruins of the Starwalkers’ last fortress. Since then, the city has fallen four times, and four times has it been rebuilt upon those same ruins, while further wars purged humanity of the Skinchangers and the False Men.

Three and a half centuries have passed since the Fifth Founding, which heralded the worst of omens as the sun began to swell. Drawing upon the Starwalkers’ ancient technology and mankind’s modern magics, the Earth was destroyed to preserve humanity. Abydion now sits upon a single landmass, keeping close company with Saturn at a safe distance from the bloated red sun.

Three and a half decades ago, Abydion came under siege by barbarian outlanders, seeking to take control of its secrets for themselves. The city’s defenses remain solid, but the magics which have provided food and fresh water for its inhabitants are weakening. The ruling Council of Archons is falling to infighting over whether the magic can be restored or whether they have been irrevocably forsaken by the gods. Poverty is spreading quickly through the greater population. Most feel that famine is sure to follow soon unless the siege is broken.

Abydion, the Fifth City is set some billions of years in the future. The laws of reality as we know them have relaxed considerably, allowing magic to return to the world. While advanced technology does still exist, it has become dangerous and unreliable, leading humanity to shun it, starting with the expulsion of the Starwalkers. In the millennia since then, the knowledge of its construction, maintenance, and operation have been largely lost, to the point that, for most people, high tech may as well be magic, except that, perhaps, magic might be a bit safer and more reliable.

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Current plans are to play this campaign using the Mythras (formerly RuneQuest 6) rules with bits mixed in from other BRP-based systems for character-level activities with larger-scale events managed using faction rules from various Sine Nomine games. Players will not initially be directly involved in faction-level interactions, but I do hope to see player characters rising to leadership roles in various cults, guilds, etc., and perhaps even ruling Abydion itself.

I’m hoping to start face-to-face play in Lund, Sweden early in 2016, probably at DMF (although that’s mostly just because it’s my “default” location to play; I’m open to doing it elsewhere). If anyone is interested in online play, let me know and we’ll see what we can arrange. Whether face-to-face or online, I would ideally like to have multiple groups of players (or at least multiple groups of characters) active in the setting, so get in touch even if the game is already rolling!

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