The Gorge district runs north to south through the heart of the Fifth City along the banks of the river Alph. Rather than being built on the land above the river, this district consists of countless small structures hanging off the river walls of the third and fourth foundings. This is the most impoverished part of the city, poorer even than Hydon, and the guilds based here are invariably lower-status and not as closely-knit as those in the remainder of the city. They often tend to have fewer members as well, both as a result of their poverty and contributing to its continuation.

Slightly more respectable guilds can be found in the deepest depths of the Gorge, manning docks, water purification facilities, and the Temple of Alph. These facilities and associated clan-houses are built on floating platforms anchored to ancient piers and portals dating back to the First Founding, if not earlier.

In addition to the guilds based here, the Gorge is also home to numerous eccentrics from elsewhere in the city who wish to remove themselves from the view of Itiril structures such as the Basilic Spire and Towers. This contingent live in small satellite guild-houses along the walls. They avoid the dock areas, of course, as those are in view of – or in contact with! – the itiril walls of the Starwalkers.

District Locations

Name Description Location Guild
The Golden River Leather, Chitin, Smuggling Gold Row Yellow Husk
Seven Silvers Seedy gambling den Rat Row
Temple of Alph Temple to Gajo-Eyia Blue Water Sisterhood of the Scales
  • (Armory warehouse)
  • (Barracks)
  • (Boatwright)
  • (Brewery warehouse)
  • (Brothel)
  • (Brothel)
  • (Clan-house)
  • (Clan-house)
  • (Docks), Rat Row
  • (Gambling hall)
  • (Guest-house)
  • (Spice warehouse)
  • (Tanner), Gold Row
  • (Tavern)

Major Streets: Hag’s Drop, Rat Row
Minor Streets: Blue Water, Gold Row, Raven Fall


Organizations based in the Gorge have Low (40%) or Very Low (60%) status.

Organization Status Profession Religion
Order of the Deep Maw Medium Priesthood, Temple of Alph Gajo-Eyia
Yellow Husk Very Low Tanning, leatherwork Gajo-Eyia (Alph)

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Athletics, Boating, Endurance, Insight, Locale, Perception, Swim

Professional Skills: Commerce, Craft (any), Culture (any), Gambling, Language (any), Lore (any), Musicianship, Streetwise

Combat Styles:

  • Artful Dodger (knife, dagger; daredevil)
  • Dockside Brawler (unarmed, improvised weapons, club; unarmed prowess)
  • Rusty Blade (knife, dagger, shortsword; throw weapon)


  • Oath to Guild at -10%
  • Love (friend, sibling, or romantic lover)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class)


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