There are currently eleven gods generally recognized upon the remains of Earth. The Five Lords of Saturn are related to, or at least friendly towards, each other and function more or less as a single pantheon, while the Six Outer Gods are independent and, according to the greatest sages and priests, unrelated to each other or to the Five. The Five are widely venerated within the city of Abydion, while the Six are patrons of various barbarian nations and minor cults.

In addition to the gods proper, veneration of local spirits is also common and sorcerers seek demons to claim their powers. The difference between gods and demons is open to interpretation – indeed, many within Abydion maintain that the Six are demons, not gods – but most would say that gods are served by priests, while demons are commanded by sorcerers. Spirits are distinguished more clearly, as their power is localized to an area or physical phenomenon, while gods and demons are effectively omnipresent throughout what’s left of Earth.

Gods of Abydion

Name Titles
The Lords of Saturn
Gajo-Eyia Guide of Souls, Princess of the Portal, Reaver of Heaven, Shelter of Multitudes, Voice of the Deep
Higa-Icyp Lord of the Red Words and Ashen Silence
Peci-Ay’Rp Sixfold Sultan of the Fiery Dusk
T’Qizu-Eeds Unknowable Burrowing Stench of the Eternal Sleep
Y’Hefi-You Screaming Whisper in the Purple Hood
The Outer Gods
Discerner Qokordr Radiant Prophet’s Memory
Ha’Ub’Zagri-Ithah Dawn’s Dancing Eradicator
Imji-Intalo Magnificent Whispering Maiden, Shimmering Lady of the Feast, Inchoate Spark of Life
Jit-Jo Sagacious Thirst of the Unseeing
Oquebtl-Ri’Thzaianisiloq Greedy Emerald Father
Urt’Ulathc’Tthothlaluth Source of Rotting Sorrow
Alph Spirit of the River Alph, Sevenfold Prophet, Rushing Doom of the Founders, Vanquisher of Hollow Craving


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