Gajo-Eyia is a goddess (or sometimes a god) of crossing boundaries, of transitions, of speech, of fertility and growth, of health and disease. She is generally associated with places where the land meets the sea and creatures which live in both environments.


  • Guide of Souls – Even though T’Qizu-Eeds is more closely associated with the dead, Gajo-Eyia is more often invoked as a psychopomp to aid their spirits in transitioning to the afterlife.
  • Princess of the Portal – No door can bar passage to Gajo-Eyia or her servants and she can create passages between distant locations.
  • Reaver of Heaven – Ancient tales say that, when magic first arose, long before the dawn of the Age of Man, Gajo-Eyia was the first of the gods to appear before humanity. She then smote the heavens, inflicting a great wound upon them, from which the other Lords of Saturn emerged.
  • Shelter of Multitudes – Several legends tell of Gajo-Eyia’s faithful, in times of dire need, calling upon her for protection from their peril and, in response, she opened her mouth and allowed them to hide within. Depending on their conduct, most were later released unharmed when the danger had passed, but others were swallowed whole. These stories give rise to the expression “Gajo-Eyia’s Maw” to describe a hiding place, particularly one which is secure from intrusion, but presents its own dangers.
  • Voice of the Deep – Gajo-Eyia’s mastery of space extends to distant speech as well as physical passage.


  • DO aid and guide travelers, send the dead on their way properly, hold secrets closely, seek pleasure and prosperity
  • DON"T be wasteful, give up anything you protect, fail to claim compensation for aid given
Cult Locations
Sisterhood of the Scales Temple of Alph (The Gorge)


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