Vallasy Square

Vallasy Square takes its name from its central feature, the Vallas’ Hall arena, and its surrounding plaza. Other major features of the district include a variety of other leisure and entertainment establishments, ranging from public parks to the city’s finest theaters, while the arena itself is also home to a temple to Vallas.

The local Architecture is primarily of the Fourth City, featuring large walled plazas, meandering streets, and relatively low buildings. Within each walled compound, there it typically a single, ornate, usually elliptical central stucture surrounded by several smaller outbuildings, most of which are believed to have originally been slave quarters. The original Fourth City entrances are generally no more than a meter below Fifth City ground level, suggesting that this area may have been on a hill prior to the Fifth Founding.

The relatively few residents of Vallasy Square are stereotyped as decadent and hedonistic. They are also sharply divided between a small number of wealthy guilds and a somewhat larger supply of slaves; though slavery is allowed throughout the city, it is most common, or at least most visible, in this area.

District Locations

Name Description Location Guild
Vallas’ Hall Judicial and gladiatorial arena Vallas’ Plaza Weeping Blade
  • (Apartment)
  • (Apartment)
  • (Apartment)
  • (Apartment)
  • (Apartment)
  • (Barracks)
  • (Brothel)
  • (Courtesans’ Guild)
  • (Fountain)
  • (Fountain)
  • (House)
  • (Music hall)
  • (Park)
  • (Theatre)

Major Streets: Ironwood Road, Vallas’ Plaza
Minor Streets: Red Avenue, Pigeon Row, Mustang Lane, Mouse Street, Horse Street


Organizations based in Vallasy Square have Very Low (30%), Low (30%), Medium (10%), High (20%), or Very High (10%) status. Those of Low/Very Low status are most likely enslaved to High/Very High status organizations in the district.

Organization Status Profession Religion
Frozen Talon Medium Elite gladiators Vallas
Sleeping Steel Low Gladiators Vallas
Weeping Blade High Priesthood Vallas

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Deceit, Endurance, First Aid, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower

Professional Skills: Art (any), Courtesy, Gambling, Literacy, Lore (any), Musicianship, Seduction

Combat Styles:

  • Arena Axeman (battleaxe, hatchet, light shield; shield splitter)
  • Citizen Legionary (shortspear, dagger, heavy shield; shield wall)
  • Pit Fighter (broadsword, dagger, light shield; intimidating scream)


  • Oath to Guild
  • Love (friend, romantic lover, or a favored vice)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class)

Vallasy Square

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