Eternal Steel or “Itiril” is an ancient metal dating back to before the dawn of the Age of Man. Legends say that it was used by humanity and Starwalkers alike, but the association with inhumans has led to a superstitious distrust across most of the remains of Earth.

The city of Abydion has many surviving itiril structures, most notably the First City’s outer wall and the modern Basilic Spire and Towers districts, but this is not enough to soothe all fears. Many residents of the northern Gorge in particular have chosen to live in poor conditions rather than spend their days “under the gaze of that damnable star-spawned metal”.

Itiril comes in many grades. Even the lighter grades of itiril are nearly impossible to work using modern techniques, but there are perhaps a dozen mage-smiths known to be able to work it, one of whom lives in Abydion’s Cafeld Quarter. Heavier itiril, such as that used in large-scale construction, can be damaged, but, even then, it heals slowly if it is not entirely destroyed. The walls of the First Founding are heavy enough as to be essentially impervious to any known craft.

The usual appearance of itiril is dark gray and very slate-like, but examples have been found in several other colors. Ancient examples tend to have a surface texture similar to naturally-cleaved slate, while more modern workmanship tends to have a rougher, more basalt-like surface due to the less-refined crafting methods.


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