The Hydon slums are built atop what was once the heart of the Second City. The current structures would have been the soaring tops of towers which stretched effortlessly into the sky, their flowing curves studded with gravity-defying balconies. But all of this was orchestrated by the maddening minds of False Men, leaving a legacy of misshapen rooms connected by tunnels which proper humans must crawl to pass through and riddled with dead ends.

Legends claim that many of the odd internal structures were once traps placed by the earlier age’s residents to ward off intruders, or perhaps to prevent the escape of slaves. Nobody truly knows any longer, but those who visit Hydon rarely wish to enter its buildings, where most rooms are either unsuited to the comfort of man or give the unmistakable sense of being trapped in a cage. Few wonder why this area has come to be home to only the poor and the desperate.

However, for all the flaws seen by visitors, the residents of Hydon hold that it has one great advantage over the Gorge. Even within the most cramped, confining, misshapen rooms, the structures are never entirely dark. Access to all available sunlight is a hallmark of Second City Architecture, standing in stark contrast to the perpetual gloom or outright darkness found in the depths of the Gorge.

The people of Hydon are a hardened lot, but largely unburdened by the concerns of higher intellect and stereotypically considered to be at least slightly deranged. Their proximity to the remainder of the city has prevented them from going completely feral, despite the hardships they endure. Many would say that it has only just barely done so.

District Locations

Name Description Location Guild
  • (Brothel)
  • (Crematorium)
  • (Hut)
  • (Shack)
  • (Shack)
  • (Shack)
  • (Shack)
  • (Shack)
  • (Shanty)
  • (Shanty)
  • (Stocks)

Major Streets: Porcupine Row, West Diamond Street
Minor Streets: Blade Road, Diamond Row, Diamond Way, Lower Knight Way


Organizations based in Hydon have Very Low (30%), Low (65%), or occasionally Medium (5%) status.

Organization Status Profession Religion

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Locale, Perception, Willpower

Professional Skills: Art (Any), Craft (any), Lore (any), Mechanisms, Musicianship, Sleight, Streetwise

Combat Styles:

  • Self-Defense (unarmed, knife; mancatcher)
  • Street Thug (club, mace; knockout blow)
  • Tunnel Fighter (knife, dagger, shortspear; siege warfare)


  • Oath to Guild
  • Love (friend, sibling, or romantic lover)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class) or Fear (something that scares or intimidates you)


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