Haford Market

The Haford district is dominated by a large open-air market, which is busy throughout the day and only slightly less so at night. While it is the main marketplace for the city of Abydion, it deals mostly in goods with relatively widespread demand. Specialized high-end items may be more likely to be found with the artisans in the Cafeld Quarter, while the Gorge is the center of illegal trade.

Aside from the market itself, some small parks and a fair amount of low- to moderate-status housing can be found in Haford and a handful of wealthier merchants live here as well.

The Architecture of Haford is largely Third City-era, providing many open spaces in which market stalls can be set up. Third City towers survive in some areas, with clusters of towers at ground level being joined by corbelled arches into a single tower above, but they tend to be low compared to the current ground level and, in some cases, only the single combined tower remains visible. Most permanent structures are, therefore, of the hexagonal style favored in the Fifth City.

District Locations

Name Description Location
  • (Alchemist)
  • (Baths)
  • (Blacksmith)
  • (Butcher)
  • (Butcher)
  • (Butcher)
  • (Candlemaker)
  • (Fountain)
  • (Furrier)
  • (General store)
  • (General store)
  • (Mansion)
  • (Physician)
  • (Religious shop)
  • (Religious shop)
  • (Shipwright)
  • (Shoemaker)
  • (Silversmith)
  • (Tailor)
  • (Wainwright)
  • (Weaponsmith)

Major Streets: Gold Row, Gypsy Road
Minor Streets: Daffodil Way, Mustang Road, North Cat Street, Orange Street


Organizations based in Haford Market have Very Low (10%), Low (40%), Medium (40%), or High (10%) status.

Organization Status Profession Religion

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Conceal, Deceit, Drive, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower

Professional Skills: Art (any), Commerce, Craft (any), Language (any), Lore (any), Musicianship, Streetwise

Combat Styles:

  • Market Watch (club, dagger, light shield; intimidating scream)
  • Shop Guard (unarmed, quarterstaff; defensive minded)
  • Street Thug (club, mace; knockout blow)


  • Oath to Guild
  • Love (friend, sibling, or romantic lover)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class)

Haford Market

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