Council of Archons

Since the Fifth Founding, Abydion has been ruled by a series of Archons under various actual forms of government. There was a singular Archon presiding over the city for the substantial majority of this period, until the city fragmented into nine distinct factions in AM 5842 under pressure resulting from the Siege of 5832.

During the Enearchy, or Age of Nine Rulers, the city managed to present a united defense against the besieging forces, but the internal conflicts took a toll nonetheless. This ultimately forced the Archons to agree to a truce in AM 5863, forming a nominal republic, led by the Council of Archons.

While each Archon retains largely-independent authority over his home district, city-wide powers are divided between the Archon Basileus, who holds supreme religious and legislative authority, the Archon Eponymous, who holds supreme judicial authority and acts as the formal head of state, and the Polemarch, who commands the city’s military forces. The other six Archons on the Council serve religious, legislative, and judicial functions in addition to being ready to serve as replacements for the three leaders if needed.

Across all the changes of governments, Archons have traditionally served 10 year terms, with replacements elected or appointed to a full 10 year term if an Archon should be unable to complete his term.

List of Archons

Year Eponymous Basileus Polemarch Archons
5868 Elumb Halfreaver (6th year) Ethram Ash-Arm (6) Barrach the Butcher (7) Andor Threecrusher (8), Shanlach Glenrasson (6), Morend Mungyrsson (3), Teth Silvercaster (1), Eriss Moonbrow (9), Andin Paryasson (1)

Council of Archons

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