Bastow is the primary residential district of Abydion, with the extremely poor tending to concentrate in Hydon and the Gorge, while the wealthy favor the Itiril enclaves of the Towers or the Basilic Spire. But even here, most structures stand empty, due to the city’s shrinking population.

The local Architecture is a hodge-podge of styles, with the occasional Starwalker or First City structure protruding above ground level beside the tops of Third City towers and hexagonal Fifth City structures started generations ago, then abandoned when the Siege of 5832 made resource conservation a greater concern than population growth.

District Locations

Name Description Location Guild
  • (Apartment)
  • (Apartment)
  • (Farrier)
  • (House)
  • (Manor)
  • (Mansion)
  • (Museum)
  • (Park)
  • (Tailor)
  • (Tavern)
  • (Tavern)

Major Streets: Alligator Lane, Phoenix Street
Minor Streets: Blackberry Avenue, Emerald Street, Lower Jasmine Street, Lucky Way, Swordsman Street, Tiger Street


Organizations based in Bastow have Low (20%), Medium (60%), or High (20%) status.

Organization Status Profession Religion

Character Creation

Standard Skills: Customs, Deceit, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Willpower

Professional Skills: Art (any), Commerce, Courtesy, Language (any), Lore (any), Musicianship, Streetwise

Combat Styles:

  • Citizen Legionary (shortspear, dagger, heavy shield; shield wall)
  • Levied Archer (shortbow, dagger; ranged marksman)
  • Self-Defense (unarmed, knife; mancatcher)


  • Oath to Guild
  • Love (friend, sibling, or romantic lover)
  • Hate (rival, district, clan, or class)


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