The city of Abydion was founded at the dawn of the Age of Man, upon the last of the Starwalkers’ fortresses. It has fallen and been rebuilt four times since then, as well as passing through several governments. Currently in the Fifth Founding, the city is governed by a democratic Council of Archons drawn from the city’s nine districts, led by Archon Basileus Ethram Ash-Arm of the Towers.

The original starwalker site was built on the delta of the river Alph, with the river’s main flow passing through what is now the Gorge in the heart of the Fifth City. A massive Itiril wall was constructed along the southern perimeter, where it continues to protect the city from the river’s waters to this day. The north side of the city, which originally adjoined the sea, was enclosed by a shorter wall of the same substance. The sea itself has retreated beyond a broad plain of accumulated sediment.

Each of the five human cities built upon this foundation sat higher, atop the remains of the others, and has its own surrounding wall, giving an overall appearance somewhat similar to a highly-irregular and asymmetric stepped pyramid. This impression is further reinforced by the tops of surviving buildings, most notably the Basilic Spire and Towers, which have towered over the city since before the Age of Man.

Abydion has been under siege since AM 5832. Since then, the population has been sustained primarily through magically-enhanced fishing in the Gorge and farming in the territory enclosed by the walls of the city’s previous foundings. However, the magic providing food and drinkable water has been weakening since Ethram Ash-Arm was elected Basileus and the best estimates suggest that, if the agricultural magic fails completely, 85% of the population will starve. In the face of growing poverty and the apparent incompetence of their leaders, rumors abound of a growing resistance movement.

(Note: The map below is obsolete. I’m reworking it to reflect that the original starwalker site was built on a river delta rather than a bay. The approximate size of each iteration of the city will remain about the same, only shapes should change. Also, Cliffside is returning to its original identity as the Gorge, a vertical district along the sides of a river channel running south to north through the center of the Fifth City.)

City Districts

District Focus Archon
The Basilic Spire Governance Andor Threecrusher
The Towers Nobles Ethram Ash-Arm
Bastow Residential Shanlach Glenrasson
Hydon Lower-Class Residential Elumb Halfreaver
The Gorge Riverfront and Docks Morend Mungyrsson
Haford Market Marketplace Barrach the Butcher
Cafeld Quarter Craft and Trade Guilds Teth Silvercaster
Arevar College Academic Eriss Moonbrow
Vallasy Square Arena and Entertainment Andin Paryasson

The Five Cities

Founding Height
First 15m (north) / 20m (south)
Second 20m (all)
Third 31m
Fourth 37m
Fifth 44m

“Height” is the total height above sea level of the walls from that Founding. Ground level is approximately 2m above sea level for the First Founding, 15m for the Second Founding, and equal to the previous city’s wall height for later foundings.


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